Bearcats Blow Past Mercer County

The ACHS Bearcats Football team was as hot as the weather last night.  Facing off against the Mercer County Titans for a home game at Hollie Warford Jr Stadium, the Bearcats dominance was never questioned.  Almost right from the start, the Bearcats score first with a 70 yard touchdown by #20, Ryan Martin.  After kicking the ball back to Mercer County, the Bearcats defense overtook the Titans numerous times.  When the Bearcats got the ball again, it wasn’t long until they scored another 35 yard touchdown, this time by #18, Cade Cotton.

But, Mercer County tried for a comeback scoring their first touchdown before another tragedy on the field.  This time, Bearcat #20, Ryan Martin, took a hard tackle raising concerns from the trainers and coaches.  They played it safe and transported Ryan off the field to go to a local hospital for tests.  We heard from sources on the field that Ryan was not seriously injured and much of the concern was precautionary.

Despite the loss of a favored player, the Bearcats kept on blowing by Mercer County like the wind that started picking up towards the end of the game.  They scored another 48 yard touchdown by #2, Tyler Peters right before a 30 minute weather delay due to lightning.  When the game resumed, the Bearcats didn’t cool off and intercepted the ball and scored another touchdown right after.  But they just couldn’t stop scoring, and with just about a minute before the end of the first half, #28 Brydon Labhart made the Anderson lead 27 points, with a score of 34-7.

For half time, the ACHS Marching Band performed remarkably well, despite the shortened time they had because of the weather delay.  They were able to quickly setup, perform, and breakdown in under ten minutes and still please the crowd at the same time.

When the second half started, Mercer County got a quick break, scoring on the kick return.  But, the Bearcats offense was just unstoppable, like the coming thunderstorm that was brewing in the distance.  Scoring, once by #28 Brydon Labhart, twice by #13 Yett, and thrice by Labhart again, the Bearcats had a resounding lead by the end of the third quarter.  They were looking for a massive win, but the threatening storm cut the game short.  The officials decided to call the game at the end of the third quarter, ending the fantastic game for the Bearcats with a win of 55-14.

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