Christian Academy Bringing Advanced Learning to Lawrenceburg

Jason Gribbins

Taking over the old Early Childhood Center on Main Street three years ago, the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg has been steadily improving both the school building and their academics.  Jason Gribbins, who became the school’s administrator last year, said the Academy bought the old school building from the county school board as the ideal way to consolidate and improve their resources.  Originally, the Academy was split, using shared buildings with multiple churches.  But now with everything under one roof, Jason indicated that they are able to do more without worrying about any restrictions.

And their improvements are really shining.  With an average ACT college readiness score far surpassing all the local public schools in the region, the Academy has created a great learning environment.  Their secret is a combination of many different factors.  The first and foremost advantage over other schools is their small student to teacher ratio.  With average class sizes being around 10 students, the teachers can easily adapt to their students needs and know when a particular student needs more help.  And the teachers themselves have more training with 60-70% holding a master’s degree or higher.

The Academy has also heavily invested in incredibly unique technology to help keep their students engaged.  Jumping on the touchscreen trend, the school installed large, touchscreen video panels that the teachers and students can use.  This allows the students to work with technology they’re used to using on their cell phones making them more willing to participate.  They also have installed a unique audio system that puts a microphone on the teachers to allow every student, no matter where they sit in the classroom, to hear the teacher, even if the teacher is facing the chalkboard.

But, technology only goes so far if the teachers have to follow a rigid schedule like in public schools.  The Academy, because it’s not funded by the state, has much more flexibility in planning their curriculum.  The teachers can easily adjust to their students needs to make sure they understand fundamentals before moving forward.  They have also kept the older 7 period system, allowing students more time to master a subject and have partnered with colleges and universities in the region to allow their upper high school students to take actual college courses.

Academics, however, isn’t everything that the Academy offers.  They have a surprisingly competitive athletics program, considering their very small student base of 145.  They have even opened their athletics program up to home schoolers.  They also have a chapel that students attend once a week.

The Academy does, however, charge tuition which can be difficult for some families to pay.  Because of this, they have created tuition reduction programs and scholarships.  They can reduce tuition up to 30% based on needs of the family.  They have given out $130,000 in tuition reductions and scholarships this past year alone.

The Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg is still accepting enrollments from ages 2 all the way up to 12th grade.  You can find more information on the school at their website.

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