New Charity to Help Those in Need Find Other Charities

Bryan Proctor

Bryan Proctor

A brand new charitable organization, tasked with helping other charities, has been started here in Anderson County.  Called the LIGHT (Living in God’s Hope and Truth) Center, the main goal of the organization is to be similar to a central coordinator for all charitable organizations in the county dedicated to helping people in need.  With a board of directors filled with representatives from various organizations around the county, they reached out to us talk about their plans.

Headed by Bryan Proctor, the idea of the LIGHT Center came to him when he realized that there was no one single place for people in need to go to learn about all the different charities.  With dozens of churches and other charitable organizations, the county has plenty of offerings but not an easy way for those in need to discover them.  On the flip side, because there is no central coordination between the charities, Bryan discovered that the charities could be easily abused when people go to charity after charity asking for help for the same problem.

So Bryan, along with 8 other board members, organized the LIGHT Center earlier this year.  With their goals of serving as a hub of information for those in need and providing a way to cut back abuse, the newly formed organization set about working on developing these goals.

One of the first steps was to develop an application process for those seeking need.  This would allow the Center to evaluate what services would be best suited for the applicant and direct them towards that service.  At the same time, it would also allow the center to keep track of who applied for what assistance through a central database.  This database could then be accessed by other charities and organizations to allow them to easily see if someone has already applied for assistance.  This would quickly cut down abuses.

At the same time, the Center wants to help fill in the gaps directly that other organizations haven’t covered.  This includes possibly looking into housing for both the homeless and those just needing something temporary.  In addition, they want to help educate applicants with budgeting, interviewing skills, and many other areas.  They will be providing many other services as well and will be limiting them Anderson County residents only.

Although not opened to the public just yet, they plan on having a grand opening October 15th, from 4-6pm.  They are currently looking for partnerships and help from churches, local businesses, city and county government, individuals, and any other charitable organization.  They are located at 700 West Broadway, Suite 3, and their phone number is 502-859-0670.  They can also be reached by email:

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