Long Time Main Street Merchant Plans for Change

Vickie Burgin

A long time merchant on Main Street, Vickie Burgin from the This and That Shop has been selling interesting and unique items for 9 years.  Inspired by the wide variety of items she wanted to sell when she first opened, she named her store “This and That” so everyone would know she was selling things that aren’t easily found elsewhere.  Through the years, she’s sold many antiques, statues, furniture, glassware, and more.

Vickie said that she’s happy when a customer finds something that makes them happy.  She loves to talk with her customers and listen to what kind of items they’d be interested in buying.  She then goes out and tries to find those items for them. This is what has kept her store stocked with so many unique things.

Vickie also said that she’s planning a change for her store.  She has deeply discounted all her glassware, dishes, and bowls and also has all furniture on sale.  Vickie is looking to make room for new categories of items, possibly including purses and better jewelry.

So be sure to check out the This and That Shop as Vickie brings in more unique things.  They’re located on 125 S Main Street and are open Thursday through Saturday, 10am-4pm.

To find out more, check out what is on sale and so much more, click here

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