High Pollen Counts in Lawrenceburg

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, I do not have to tell you that the pollen counts are very high right now here in Lawrenceburg. Due to the excess rain over the summer, ragweed along with mold is reaching all time highs. Everyone in my house, including some of my dogs have been feeling it: sneezing, itching, runny noses, all the things that tell us it is time to stay inside. But with beautiful fall weather and winter coming in just a few short months, staying indoors to feel better just is not fair. So what can you do to feel better but still get some time outside?

Here are some suggestions I found that could be helpful:

■ Limit the time you are outside, avoiding the early morning when the pollen is at its highest.

■ Wear a dust mask when working outside in the garden.

■ Shower right after being outside to help remove the pollen that got onto you and your hair.

■ Wash the clothes you wore outside to help keep the pollen from entering into the house.

■ Use a saline nose solution to keep your sinuses clean of pollen.

Within a month, the first freeze will come and the outdoor allergens will be over, but until then, the best medicine is a little prevention and with these few added changes, you will feel a bit less sneezy.

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