Local Resident Becomes Food Hero

Nathan TruesdellSquash from Nathan's Circle T Farm

A local Lawrenceburg resident won a state wide award for farming this past week.  Nathan Truesdell won the Local Food Heroes award along with two other contestants from other counties in the state.  Originally just a hobby grower starting from his childhood when his father always planted a garden, Nathan never really expected to be a food grower beyond just his backyard.  Born and raised in Maysville, KY, and attended college at Morehead State University, Nathan decided to go on the road and help with presidential campaigns.  After the 2008 elections, he continued with other election campaigns but hated the fact that he would always be faced with unemployment at the end of each election.

So he packed up and headed back to Kentucky where he became the catering director at Transylvania University.  After three and half years at Transy, he decided to change careers and locations and headed to Lawrenceburg to work at the Frankfort Applebees franchise for marketing.  With his daily commute to Frankfort, he noticed the old train depot farmer’s market on US 127.  While talking with Dennis Cantrill, who was running the market at the time, Dennis convinced Nathan to join the market to sell some of the produce he was growing.

Nathan decided to join the market and was elected to its board.  He then started quickly expanding his farming operation.  Starting with only 1/10 of an acre, he was able to use some land from a friend’s horse farm to grow more food.  Now with 2 acres of land, he’s was able to have a decent crop this year despite the extreme weather and it being his first year as a true farmer.

So when he heard of the Local Food Heroes award, he decided to see if he could win it.  Sponsored by Seed Capital KY, the award’s purpose is to recognize and celebrate all the local growers in the state.  And being a first year, first generation farmer, Nathan thought he might have a chance.  He was shocked by the community support, constantly voting for him to keep him in the top 10.  And when he won, Nathan said he was in awe.

Now that he has won the award, Nathan is looking to continue expanding his farming operation.  He wants to one day buy his own land and do a ‘pick-your-own’ system.  He’s also thinking of creating an innovative online system where shoppers can buy vegetables that are ready to pick on his farm.  We wish him much luck and look forward to seeing him, and his produce, more at the farmer’s market.

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