Another Restaurant with Steaks Coming to Lawrenceburg

Kelly Schanen

Another sit down restaurant and bar will be opening soon in Lawrenceburg.  Kelly Schanen has taken over the old Hunter’s Grill at Eagle Lake and is working to open it as Chef’s Restaurant.  Kelly, who has been in the restaurant business for 20 years, is bringing in a trained chef from South Carolina to the restaurant.  He said the restaurant will have a menu with steaks, burgers, wings, and influences from South Carolina including seafood.  He also has installed a number of televisions to broadcast UK games for everyone at the bar.  He’s projecting to open in the next 3-4 weeks.  We are very excited to see more dining options coming to town.

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  1. Hope it stays open on weekends past 9:30. Some people work different shifts and eat a little later than others. And try to hire people other than kids because they stay on their cell phones instead of waiting their tables! That was a big problem at Hunters Grill.

  2. Last comment is so true, I understand that there has to be a set few minutes for the employees but while waiting on tables is first priority. Looking forward to your opening and will deffinately try your place out. We just live right down the road from you and would rather spend money on a good steak in my hometown. Good luck on the new business and will visit soon. Patrick

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