A Vintage Store Bringing Treasures to Lawrenceburg

Tonya Peach

At the northern end of town, there’s a beautiful antique store filled with treasures.  Vintage Uniques at Eagle Lake off US127 was started by Tonya Peach just a little over a year ago.  Having been retired from the state government due to the medical reasons, Tonya decided to pursue her passion in antiques and started the store as an idea that came to her one day.

Her passion for her store shows with all the original and interesting items that she carries.  Definitely not a thrift store or consignment shop, Tonya strives to only stock antiques and unique things that can’t be found anywhere else in town.  She specializes in teapots and glassware and includes furniture, homewares, and pictures in the store as well.

Tonya also takes service to a whole new level for an antique store.  If a customer can’t find a particular item in her store, she’ll try to hunt it down when she’s out shopping for more items for her store.  She’s also now bringing her creativity to her items by combining and recreating them into something new.

Tonya hopes to one day expand her store so she can carry more items.  And, if the space is right, she’d like to bring a tea room to our town as well.  But, her first step will be expanding her Burgoo presence to two booths this year.  So be sure to check out her booths at Burgoo, and her store at Eagle Lake.  She also has a Facebook page and website at vintageuniquesantiques.com.

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