Dlubak Glass Donates $21k of Glass and More to City

Tim Hostetler

With piles of sparkling glass off Industrial Road, Dlubak Glass Company has been a unique industry here in Lawrenceburg for 20 years.  When they donated over 300 tons of glass worth over $21,000 if sold on the market to the city as backfill for the new parking lot on Main Street, we decided to see what they do and how else they help the community.

Tim Hostetler, plant manager for 16 years, said that the plant here in Lawrenceburg, one of six around the country, focuses primarily on recycling defective automotive glass.  One of their biggest suppliers, AGC Automotive out of Elizabethtown, KY, produces windshields for a number of car manufacturers in the state, and all of their product that doesn’t meet the cut ends up in Lawrenceburg to be recycled.  Dlubak then takes the glass, crushes it to a certain size, and removes the vinyl layer that is in windshields.  The glass is then sent to companies like Owens Corning to be turned into fiberglass insulation for our homes or Potters Industry to be turned into beads for sand blasting and the reflective coating on road paint.  The vinyl, on the other hand, is cut up and sent to another company which turns it into the backing for carpeting.  Tim said they’re the only company in the nation that can fully recycle a windshield, and that they ship anywhere between 600-800 tons of glass and vinyl a week.

Employing anywhere between 10-12 residents of the local area, Tim tries to give back to the community by hiring those that would otherwise have a hard time finding a job.  He also does a coop program with the high school to help teach students about manufacturing, business, mechanics, etc.  He says that it has helped students realize what kind of job they would be doing if they decided to drop out of school.  By realizing this, he’s helped a number of high school students stay in school.  And with their gracious donation, we’d like to thank them for also helping to improve our downtown area.

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