Andy Barr Visits Anderson County Fiscal Court

Judge Executive Gritton and Congressman Barr

Today, the Anderson County Fiscal Court had lunch with Andy Barr, our US Representative for Kentucky’s 6th congressional district, at La Isla Mexican Restaurant.  After greeting Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton, and the county magistrates, Andy discussed various topics over lunch.  Starting with a little discussion on foreign affairs, he then talked with the magistrates on tourism, getting help with the tractor trailer problem on route 151, and tax reform for improving transportation infrastructure.  He also asked if the magistrates had seen his tribute for the fallen state trooper, Eric Chrisman, and whether the family needed anything else.  The discussion continued on with talking about grants and other areas the Congressman could help with the county.

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One Comment

  1. There are only two options to deal with 151, and I promise you neither Andy Barr nor the Fiscal Court will have anything to do with it.

    1) close the road to all traffic so it won’t be a “shortcut” to I-64 West or 127 (if any vehicles can travel on it, all vehicles can, trucks cannot be restricted, it wouldn’t stand up in court when the trucking industry sues);
    2) widen the road, which requires property acquisition, which people won’t want to sell parts of their frontage to do, so it would have to be condemned and eminent domain used to make it happen (this won’t happen either).

    So, the only thing that will make things better on 151 that could happen is to have a police officer on the road 24/7 writing thousands of tickets to EVERY speeding vehicle on that road (which is 8 out of every 10 you can bet). People won’t like that either, because Anderson Co residents are just as guilty and will get the tickets too…but you can’t just write trucks tickets either, everyone has to be treated the same.

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