New Certified Firefighter at County Fire Dept

The Anderson County Fire Department has just recently gained a new certified firefighter.  Shane Naylor gained his certification this past Thursday after a year of dedication and sacrifice.  He originally wasn’t planning to become a fireman and instead wanted to join the military.  After being blessed with a son, he realized that the military wasn’t going to be the best option for him.  As he always wanted to be apart of something bigger, he decided to become a fireman.  His family, however, was quite surprised about his decision, and he wasn’t so sure himself.  But after going through the program, he has grown to love the job and says that it doesn’t even feel like work.  His family is now incredibly proud of him.

Another recent addition to the department was Andrew Smith.  Gaining his certification shortly before Shane, Andrew says that it was been the best thing he has ever did and that he never thought he’d be riding a firetruck.  He, too, took just short of a year to complete his training, sacrificing and pushing himself to complete it.  Andrew also said that the department is full of people always willing to help each other and that’s something he’s found that has helped him continue and get as far as he did.

Both Shane, Andrew, and the rest of the firefighters at our county stations have shown a tremendous dedication and personal sacrifice.  All the county certified firemen and cadets are volunteers, risking themselves everyday for the lives and safety of all of us who live in this county.  With only a $12 reimbursement for each run they make for basic vehicle costs to get to the stations, these men and women are truly remarkable people, and we give a big thanks to everyone there.

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