County Park Turned into Campground and Launchpad

Travis HuberJohn Moore overseeing the launchingTrey Newton

A part of the Anderson County Park this past weekend was turned into a small campground for the kickoff season of the Cub Scouts.  With great support from Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton, Pack 38 was allowed to camp out in the park starting Friday night to Sunday and had an absolutely fun time all through the weekend.  Recruiting more than 50 new children and 8 new pack leaders, the large pack did many great activities.

But, the most fun of them all had to be the paper rocket shoot off held last night.  Built out of just paper and masking tape, all the children and even some of the adults built their own little rockets.  Launched from just a simple device built out of PVC pipe, an electronic valve, and a bike pump, the kids had an amazingly fun time shooting the rockets off and trying to catch them as they came down.

Travis Huber, cub master, said he learned of the idea of paper rockets from John Moore, who is the committee chairman.  After building the launcher and a rocket to test fire, he knew it would be an awesome activity for the kids.  And the boys definitely agreed, along with the sisters who are allowed to join in on the fun.

Travis also said that the Cub Scouts have had tremendous support from the community.  First Christian Church has gracefully provided a dedicated room for the scouts for many years.  Dairy Queen and Little Caesars have provided discounted meals for the kickoff event.  Wrapping up the event today, the Cub Scouts have started their year with a great bang.

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