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Hidden away off of Industrial Road, a wonderful charity called Open Hands Food Pantry has been serving for many years, Anderson County’s residents, who have been living at or below the poverty level. David Montgomery, executive director of the pantry for over 10 years, said that the pantry’s goal is to help everyone who asks, even if it’s just pointing them to other organizations that can help.  He said that not only the pantry provides packaged food but also serves hot meals every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6-7pm.  They also bring hot meals to the Ronald McDonald house and are working on setting up a program to help veterans.

Becky Sparrow, one of the volunteers at the pantry, said that many people in the county enjoy the hot meals not just for the food, but also for the companionship.  She also coordinates a fundraiser program for the pantry where residents fill baskets up with items that are then raffled off at the Burgoo Festival.  Last year, she helped raise over $1000.

Another volunteer, Doug Hobbs, decided to donate 30 hours a week after being helped by the pantry last year.  Volunteering for over a year now, he organizes all the food and makes sure everything is within the expiration dates.

Although not affiliated with any particular church, all of them do help and donate what they can.  However, David said that they are always in need of more supplies so they can reach more people.  He said that the pantry accepts practically all donations except clothing.  Donations can be dropped off at their building at 1111 Industrial Road.  Also, check out their Facebook page to always know what they currently need.

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