So Many Bourbons, So Little Time

Mike and Heidi KleinMarlene Yung with Russ Chadwick and Susan O'Connor-Chadwick

Why do tourists stay and come back to Lawrenceburg?  We sat down a couple of days ago with Marlene and Ron Yung of the beautiful Lawrenceburg Bed and Breakfast.  Marlene said that this time of the year was big for returning guests to the B&B.  So, we talked with two couples staying there which are both repeat guests to see why they keep coming back to Lawrenceburg.

Russ Chadwick and Susan O’Connor-Chadwick, from a suburb outside of Chicago, are on their way to a family member’s place on Lake Hartwell in Georgia.  This is their second visit to the B&B after last year’s one day visit that was made on a whim when searching on the internet for interesting places to stay.  During the short stay last year, they were able to see just a small portion of the Bourbon Trail.  That short time wet their whistles, so this year they decided to stay longer and see more of the Trail.

Mike and Heidi Klein, from northern Minnesota, just arrived for their sixth stay.  Their final destination is the Bristol Raceway in Tennessee, but they just can’t go anywhere without stopping at the B&B for a few days.  They, too, are planning to see more of the Bourbon Trail, heading out to all the different distilleries surrounding our county.

Both couples said that the bourbon was a big draw for them.  Russ Chadwick, in particular, said that bourbon as a drink is taking off amongst younger generations and Lawrenceburg is in the heart of it all.  Marlene also said that 80-90% of their guests come for the bourbon.  Lawrenceburg really seems to be the place for tourists to try all the bourbons that our area produces.

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