Busy Anderson County Fiscal Court Meeting

Judge Executive Orbrey GrittonRepresentatives from Perfection GroupMagistrate Rodney Durr and Deputy Coroner Steve Votaw

During the Anderson County Fiscal Court meeting last night, there were a number of issues discussed.  The work session, which is an hour before the official meeting, started off with a presentation by the Perfection Group which did an energy use audit of the county’s buildings.  They presented a plan to Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton and the Magistrates that would save the county a considerable sum of money.

County Clerk, Jason Denny, then made a report that between the clerk’s office, sheriff’s office, and the county attorney’s office, they were able to collect 99.99% of all tax bills.  Jason said that was an all time high and was indicative that the new collection system was working.

After more discussions, Judge Gritton presented a letter and a $50 donation from a resident thanking him and the animal control team for helping her catching a cat that was staying around her house.  Due to her extreme fear of cats, she wasn’t able to leave her home until the cat was removed.  The original owner of the cat was found and is keeping it safe in its own yard.

Later, there was further discussion about hiring another deputy coroner to help alleviate the work load for the coroner’s office.  Dr Mark Tussey, County Coroner, made a point that the operating budget for his office is comparable to other county’s that have a third of the work load.  Without an extra deputy, there were concerns on whether the office had enough man power during time when Deputy Coroner Steve Votaw will be on leave for a needed surgery.

After other departmental reports, the official session started with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance.  The official session went through the normal proceedings before voting on hiring a new deputy coroner.  The issue was tabled to discuss more information on it.  It then moved onward to appointing Chris Hanks to the planning commission and Steve Cornish to the board of zoning adjustments. The meeting then went forward with reports from the sheriff’s office and treasurer before approving the bill list and other bills that were added.  The meeting was then officially adjourned.

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