Why is Lawrenceburg so Safe?

Police Chief Chris Atkins

Although bordered by larger and less safe cities, Lawrenceburg has, for a number of years, been in the top 10 safest cities in the state in various studies.  According to a report by WKYT, Lawrenceburg even made the top of their list as the safest city in the state last year.  So what makes Lawrenceburg one of the safest in the state and safer than 79% of all American cities?

We sat down with Police Chief Chris Atkins and asked him why.  He said that most of the crime that happens nowadays is usually drug related, and the department is very aggressive in keeping that under control.  But what really makes Lawrenceburg the safest, according to Chief Atkins, is the close knit community.  Even though the city doesn’t have any active Neighborhood Watch programs, Chief Atkins said that really the whole town is one large Neighborhood Watch as concerned citizens readily report any suspicious activity.

But not only this, Lawrenceburg and Anderson County have one of the best 911 centers and dispatch in the area.  Chief Atkins said that all emergency services in the county including EMS and the Sheriff’s Office work incredibly well with each other, allowing for each individual department to help each other.

And fighting crime isn’t the only priority of the officers.  They routinely help citizens in need.  Chief Atkins said his officers routinely go above and beyond the call of duty by, for instance, helping people put groceries in their cars.  He also said a number of officers bought groceries for someone in need last winter.

And for all their hard work and community outreach, we would like to give a large thank you to Chief Atkins and all the officers of the department for making Lawrenceburg such a great place to live.

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  1. I love Lawrenceburg. My mother was born me raised there and most of my family are still there. Unfortunately I live in Harrodsburg. Would love to live there.

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