Bourbon Street on Main Bringing Steakhouse and More

Wayne Best and Belinda Ritchie

Just a bit further south than the rest of the new stores on Main Street, another exciting new restaurant is coming to Lawrenceburg.  Sitting across from Cinnamon’s Flowers and Gifts is the old Cummin’s Irish Pub building which is being quickly turned into a brand new restaurant, called Bourbon Street on Main.  The owners of the new restaurant, Belinda Ritchie, Wayne Best, and Eve Guilbault gave us a sneak peak inside to see what they’ve done and what their plans will be.

Hoping to open by September 4th, Bourbon Street on Main is going to bring that steakhouse flare to Lawrenceburg.  With a menu prepared by a newly trained chef from Sullivan University, Bourbon Street on Main will be serving a variety of dishes including prime rib, grilled chicken, catfish, and prime rib pasta.  They’ll also have a bartender, who grew up in Lawrencburg, but has bartended in Las Vegas.

For entertainment, they’ll be having a live band and karaoke with 10 televisions throughout the restaurant.  They’ll also keep a few pool tables and have a great patio space outside.  It’ll be open seven days a week and will also be serving beer on Sundays.

We wish the new owners the best of luck and will be posting more as they near opening.  For more information, click here.

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  1. Wanted to know if you are hiring. If so please let me know. I’m a very dependable and responsible person and have experience. Please call me at 502-598-6607. Thanks

  2. Thank you Shelly!! I appreciate the support.

    We are hiring Erica! Please stop by during evening hours and speak to one of us.

  3. Service was horrible. We we’re accualy told “we have 4 tables open but I don’t think the servers want to sevrve anyone yet” this is after upon arrival our group was told it would be “20 mins” for the wait and we all waited almost an hour before leaving.

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