More New Restaurants Coming to Lawrenceburg

Mile High Burger

Mile High Burger

As Lawrenceburg begins to rebuild, lots of changes are happening. Although some have been disappointing, many have been really exciting.

This fall we will be seeing a large wave of new restaurants and one old favorite returning to Lawrenceburg. On Main Street, Blue Grass Sabor along with the return of Heavens to Betsy will be opening within a very short time. Bourbon Street on Main, which will be located in the old Cummins Pub location, is still under construction but will be opening soon. Costa Bonita Mexican restaurant, located on Glensboro Road by Snaps Fitness, will be serving up some delicious food before long.

Kelly's Bar & Diner

Kelly’s Sports Bar & Diner

But the list of new restaurants is not complete until we add two more new restaurants coming to Lawrenceburg: Mile High Burgers and Chef’s Restaurant & Bar.

Mile High Burgers will be serving up some amazing favorites including delicious burgers, hot dogs, fries and onion rings. They will be located on Glensboro Road next to the old Edwardos Pizza.

Chef’s Restaurant & Bar, located at Eagle Lake in the old location of Hunters Grill, will be serving up the finest home cooked meals and tasty drinks.

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  1. Why doesn’t Lawrenceburg try to get a nice family restaurant like Golden Corral, a Steak House, Cracker Barrel, etc. We have the BG Parkway which would be centrally located and cause a lot of trade from (Mercer, Woodford which have hardly any restaurants), Anderson, etc. to keep from going to Lexington and Frankfort with our business. It would bring in revenue to the city/county and especially when we have events. Just putting that out there.

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