New Life Coming to the Food Court

Lawrenceburg Food CourtThe old Kidz-Zone play area.The old Arby's drive-thru.Left over refrigeration.Ron Dampier, Head of Construction.

As you drive down US 127, a once busy cluster of restaurants sits vacant and has been for many years.  Many years ago, the Lawrenceburg Food Court opened its doors to great excitement.  Boasting not just one restaurant, but many, along with a place for children to play, the food court became a favorite eating destination for many families here in Lawrenceburg.  But unfortunately, bad times hit, and the restaurants changed ownership in hopes to keep the Food Court alive.  By 2009, the struggle ended, and the Food Court officially closed.

Today the Food Court is taking on a new look.  Construction has begun to turn this building, once filled with restaurants, into a small strip center offering rental space to retail stores and/or offices.  Soon this area of Lawrenceburg will be busy again bringing more commerce to our growing community.

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  1. We have lots of strip center spaces sitting empty. It just doesn’t seem like we need another one that will more than likey sit half empty. As a mom of young children I would love to see the play place utilized. The closest place like that to take our kids to burn off some energy during the colder moths and the endless rainy days like we had this summer is Lexington and it woul be nice to keep that business local

  2. Maybe someone will put an establishment for kids there again like a monkey joes type thing or a little roller rink or something…just a thought it stinks having to drive to lexington for all these things

  3. I think it should open back up with a restraunt like it used to be. Choices of Arby’s, long john silvers..and a place for our children to play while we eat!!! I remember when I was little I loved going there for that reason! & ecerytine we drive by their my children ask “mommy I wish that place was open” we need something like that back in our town!

  4. Not being a resident of, but a frequent visitor to, Lawrenceburg I fail to understand how more retail space is a good thing. To keep any community alive and thriving you have to provide something that appeals to a larger demographic. Although the concept that Lawrenceburg is growing and will need more available retail spaces in highly visible locations seems sound, the fact that families will eventually gravitate towards communities that meet more of their needs is a reality. If Lawrenceburg wants to not only grow, but thrive, there needs to be serious consideration given to providing more recreational opportunities for both Families and Individuals. A few public parks doesn’t quite cut it; especially in the winter months.

  5. I was so excited when I seen this.. we’ve been watching the construction for weeks anxiously waiting to see what would come… But they”re spending all this money, and time to fix up a place, that doesn’t even have a plan for business? Why.. why waist your money when there is not guarantee that anything will even come to the building? And why destroy the fun zone? Why wouldn’t they utilize what’s inside and build something useful that might give kids something to do besides drugs, sex, crime, and video games? Give our kids something to fun and active to do where the can burn off energy and maybe even learn? The possibilities with the building were endless!! So why make it something that Lawrenceburg already had an abundance of. Empty buildings. I’m honestly heartbroken…

  6. This is beyond stupid. Instead of doing something to draw people in like a family fun center we’re wasting it on more empty offices. Oh, boy! More money I won’t be spending locally even though I would prefer to.

  7. The biggest issue I had with the Food Court when it was open was that no one seemed to be in charge of cleaning the common areas such as the restrooms, main eating area and playplace. It was filthy all the time. That is why we stopped going. If it had looked cleaner inside, we might have continued going there. Filthy common areas made you wonder just how clean the restaurant food preparation areas were. Whoever owned the building should have made sure it stayed clean. I heard from many others that they stopped going there for the same reason.

  8. My fiancee and I have been watching the construction on this building for weeks, anxiously awaiting to see if they were making new restaurants or a nice big sit down spot… Something new and fun… It honestly upsets me they have spent so much money on that building and have no real plans of opening it. Lawrenceburg has so many empty strip malls, empty buildings. Empty space. We have every kind of dollar store, grocery store, and odds in store there is. We need to stop spending money on shopping places, and restaurants. We need something not just for young kids but teens too! And they have that huge building already set up for kids, and that could be added to for a recreational arena for people of all ages. And they want to tear it down and leave it empty for a shopping strip? It really is heart breaking to me because we were just so excited!

  9. Personally I think you guys need to renovate the building and make the old food court a kid orenated place with games and booths this would bring revenew into our town and benefit the kids as well.

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