Lawrenceburg, An International Destination

IMG_3360Just as tourism is becoming the main focus of Lawrenceburg, three bartenders from the United Kingdom won a trip to not only see New York City but to visit Lawrenceburg and the Wild Turkey Distillery.  Dan Bovey, Robin Honhold, and Adam Binnersley won the fierce competition in England dedicated to Wild Turkey Bourbon.  The judging for it was headed by the Wild Turkey master distiller himself, Eddie Russell, who had to choose the top three from among nine of England’s best bartenders.  After winning the competition, the three will be flown to New York City for a stop over to tour some of America’s top bars before heading here to see the famous Wild Turkey Distillery.  Thanks to the world renowned distilleries we have, Lawrenceburg is becoming well known even outside America!  To read more, click here.

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