History and Technology Combine in a New Funeral Home

Mackenzie MorrisNathan Morris looking out what was the original coal chute in the basement.Bricked over tunnel in the basement.

Just a little south of the downtown area of Lawrenceburg, the old Saffell House stands with pride.  Once originally the house of WB Saffell, who was also an owner of a bourbon distillery, the house has changed hands a number of times becoming a funeral home and then apartments.  And today, it’s once again becoming a funeral home.

Nathan and Mackenzie Morris just recently purchased the old house and have turned the first floor back into a funeral home after much work.  Nathan, who is the uncle of Mackenzie, has been an embalmer for 18 years.  Being guided by his uncle who ran a funeral home in Bardstown almost two decades ago, Nathan has inspired his nephew to follow in the same tradition.  Growing up here in Anderson County and even playing football at ACHS, Mackenzie got to watch his uncle throughout his childhood.  After injuring his knee, he decided to follow his uncle and hoped to open a funeral home one day.  He announced his intentions before graduating and word got out through the yearbook.

Following his training at Mid America College of Funeral Services, Mackenzie was contacted by the previous owner of the Saffell House who knew of his intention.  After talking with his uncle Nathan, they were able to buy the house.  After buying the house, they started work on renovating it.  Incredibly, almost all of the original woodwork remained, unpainted, with beautiful details.  There’s a stunning fireplace and front door that are original to the house.  There’s even an unusual wooden toilet that is tucked away in a bathroom that isn’t normally accessible and a bricked up tunnel in the basement that may have been used during Prohibition.

In addition to all the history in the house, Nathan and Mackenzie plan on adding 21st century technology to their practice.  With cameras and TVs, a funeral service can be watched from the other rooms of the house.  They can also do all the funeral arrangements at a family’s house to make it easier for grieving loved ones.  They’re also planning one day to do live streaming of their services to make it easier for family and friends who can’t attend the funeral.

And in combining technology and history, Nathan and Mackenzie’s goal is to provide a special touch and attention for all their clients.  They truly want to be funeral planners and accommodate all requests from a family.  From a balloon release to a horse drawn hearse, there are few requests they can’t fulfill.

Nathan and Mackenzie are going to operate the funeral home on the first floor while still renting apartments on the upper floor.  They plan on one day expanding the funeral home into another large room on the first floor, and move in upstairs into the apartments.

If you’re interested in seeing the beautiful house and meeting Nathan and Mackenzie, they are planning an open house tour this Monday, August 17, from 4:15pm to 6pm.  The house is located at 340 South Main Street.  You can also contact them through Facebook.

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  1. Congratulations and best of luck in your new venture. We would like to be there tomorrow but have a full day already. God bless you both. Lou Parrott

  2. My brother and I grew up in this beautiful home. We are so happy it is being restored and returned to a funeral home. We were wondering if you would be so kind as to let us revisit our childhood home. If you would allow us to take a leisurely reminiscent venture, please contact me via email or phone. Thank you!
    Deedi and Lynn.

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