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Seann Speray

Located in the Kroger shopping center, there’s a shop offering a truly unique range of products.  Born from the old Movie Gallery, Movie Vault and PETropoliS Live have items that are hard to come by in the local area.  Seann Speray, owner and founder of the store, has been working at this location back when the Movie Gallery was called the Video Vault.  He also owned a pet store and when the Movie Gallery decided to close, he jumped on the opportunity to buy them out and combine both the video store and pet store.  Now operating from one location for five years, he is able to offer an amazingly unique selection and great customer service.

Being one of the few remaining video stores, Seann offers a much larger selection of movies and video games that could be found in a RedBox.  He also gets newly released movies faster than both RedBox and Netflix.

In the PETropoliS Live section, he carries fish, reptiles, and other animals and supplies that just can’t be found elsewhere.  He currently specializes in fresh and salt water fish and also has a truly remarkable collection of lizards.  He also has a full selection of live bait including minnows and wax worms.

On top of all that, he has a selection of disc golf discs.  But, what’s unique is that you can buy, sell, or trade discs so you can find the one that suits you best.  He even offers the ability to rent a disc for a time before buying.

So if you’re looking for a great selection of movies, small aquatic animals, or even some disc golf discs, check out Movie Vault and PETropoliS Live. You can also check them out on Facebook.

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  1. We love Movie Vault and PetropolisLive. Seann and his employees are always kind and courteous and go the extra mile to make their store a true pleasure to frequent. We have Netflix and Amazon, but still find more variety on Movie Vault shelves, and fun deals. We also like the very local honey they sell as well.

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