A School Never to be Forgotten

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Many of America’s great schools start with only a teacher and a few students. Western School began with the tiniest of seeds when one ambitious youth sought instruction from one teacher in the community. The smallest school possible consisting of just one teacher and one pupil is how Western School began in the early 1920’s. By the fall of 1926, Western School was officially open for the first day of school with just three boys, one girl and a teacher, Mr. Ezra Sparrow. Word of this school spread quickly throughout the county and within three months time, the school had grown and elected a principal, Mr. CT Ward. In 1929, Western School had its first graduating class consisting of just seven students, two boys and five girls.  Many years later, the school was closed and was merged with the larger schools in eastern Anderson County.

Western graduates, from the beginning, have shown their ability to be as successful as students of larger schools. The schools alumni have distinguished themselves in many fields of business and education as well as public office and even the ministry. Many graduates of Western have also remained in our community as our local leaders, business owners, teachers and many other fields which has been so beneficial to our community. Truly, Western was a great school for learning as well as a place of memories that will never be forgotten.


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  1. I moved around a lot growing up it started at Western my 9th grade year and I really enjoyed the time that I spent there.

  2. went to western all 12 years, everybody knew everyone.I tell my kids it was like going to a private school without the tuition.Made lifelong friends.

  3. We had a wonderful time there.Mr Robert Turner was a wonderful principle.We were just like family everybody knew everyone. It was small but we were always there for one another. Miss everyone. God bless each one of them

  4. My mother, Dorothy Dadisman Bunch graduated from Western High School in 1935. I believe that there were nine in the class and that she was the only girl.

  5. I attended Western all 12 years and taught there an additional 4 years. As a junior, Mr. Turner, wanted me to attend summer school at EKU. I didn’t want to go. That afternoon when I arrived home from school, Mr. Turner was sitting in my living room talking with my parents. Needless to say, I attended EKU that summer along with others from Western.

  6. Went to this school from 3rd grade until high school graduation. Learned much there, but most importantly I learned to be responsible for giving back to the community that gave so much to me as young citizen.

  7. I was a sophomore when we were merged in with Anderson high. Made some great friends….. Awesome teachers, Miss Janet Stevens….. One of my favorites. My time at western Anderson were some great ones

  8. I went to school from 2nd to 5th grade. It was a small but very good school to go to. I was wondering the other day when they would dig up the time capsule that we buried by the flag pole? If anyone knows or have heard let me know. We had to put what was important to us at the time and what we thought 25 yrs layer would be like

  9. Absolutely loved being a part of the Western School Family. I was a sophomore when Western was merged with Anderson. My time at Western is truly cherished and memorable!

  10. Graduated from Western in 1982. Such fond memories of this place–playing basketball, good friends, great teachers, and lots of fun times!

  11. I went to western all my school years from head start to senior year. Everybody knew everybody. Sure did hate to see it close down. Wish I could go through there just once more. Lots of memories

  12. I attended Western in 2nd grade Rutherford School has closed down I graduated from Western in 1988 loved it Great memories

  13. Wish everyone could experience childhood days like I remember at that school I stated there in 1963 first grade miss Griffey such a wonderful lady I still have many friends that I made there Robert turner was a great man and the teaching staff and even the lunchroom staff has my greatest respect as an adult today western school is my school

  14. We called Mrs. McGuire Miss Lillian. She was my second grade teacher. My dad would have told stories about Mrs. Crossfield and Mr. Shely. Dad graduated from Western around 1956. I attended till 7th. Many times I wished I had stayed there. It was one of those community schools where you knew everyone and their family. Great memories!

  15. Went from kindergarten till graduation. Loved all my teachers and Mr. Turner the principal. Great memories.

  16. I went to western in kindergarten. I had Mrs. Becky for a teacher. I always liked our classroom it was upstairs and the big metal climbing thing outside which I feel from the top of when I got ready slide down the poll. I wish I could find some on my friends from there.

  17. I went to school there through eighth grade .great school. I loved it there. My first grade teacher was Peggy Griffy.

  18. I have a lot of memories of western. My mom went there and graduated from western. It was not the school it is now it was actually at the place where Mr. And Mrs. Turner lived. Later I went all 12 years there and was proud to graduate from western. Also my mom worked in the lunchroom. At that point and time my dad was on the school board. Around 6 years later my oldest daughter started school there then my youngest daughter, and finally my son went there and was the last class to attend western until it was closed. My dad fought to keep it open for as long as it stayed open. And now I live it site of it and remember all the memories daily. So my family is 3 generation students.

  19. My mom graduated from western when it was down the road where Mr and Mrs Turner lived in 1944. I graduated from where the school building is now in 1983. My children all 3 went to western also. My son was the last class there and first at turner. So many memories and good times and bad times too. I remember the night it caught fire. I watch out my front door. Such a shame how run down it is today.

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