Tour of the New Maintenance Building

Mayor Goodlett

Last night, after the Lawrenceburg City Council Meeting, Mayor Sandy Goodlett offered us a tour of the new city maintenance building.  During the midst of the cold and heavy snow storms in February of this year, the old maintenance building caught fire and burned down destroying not only the building but all the equipment held inside.  Over the subsequent months, the Mayor and the city have been hard at work replacing the equipment and constructing the new building.  Mayor Goodlett said that the previous administration left the city in a good position with very good insurance coverage for the building and equipment.  He said almost everything has been replaced except for one truck meant to clean the sewers.  He also said that the fire has allowed them to build an even better building for the city than what was there before.

The new building is nearing completion.  The garage doors have been hung, cabinetry is being installed, and final electrical wiring is being run.  The building will not only house the new equipment but will also feature a repair shop to fix the vehicles the city owns.

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