String of Car Break-ins Plagues City Residents

Shanna Harrod, who lives in the Thoroughbred Estates neighborhood, reported to us last night that her fiance’s car had been broken into on Friday night.  Michael Fenn, Shanna’s fiance, said that he accidentally left his wallet in the car overnight when the thieves noticed it and broke the driver’s side window to retrieve it.

Detective Jeremy Cornish of the Lawrenceburg Police Department said that this type of crime has become increasingly popular in the city, especially in the Hunter Ridge and Corn’s Trailer Park area.  He feels the perpetrators are either young adults or teenagers looking for valuables in people’s unlocked cars.  As a precaution, he is recommending for residents to not leave anything valuable in their cars and to keep them locked at night.  Detective Cornish also said the police department is increasing patrols in the most heavily affected neighborhoods.

If anyone comes across Michael Fenn’s wallet or driver’s license, please contact the Lawrenceburg Police Department at 502-839-5125.

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