Shipping Rivals Are the Best of Friends

Jacob McNaghten, Bobby BedfordUSPS and UPS

Long time childhood friends and residents of Lawrenceburg, Jacob McNaghten and Bobby Bedford, have been serving our community delivering packages but with competing companies.  Even as children, competing with each other in sports and games, both now work in the same town and same industry but at different companies.  Jacob, wearing USPS blue, and Bobby, wearing UPS brown, told us on their lunch break how they both ended up getting delivery routes in Lawrenceburg.  Bobby started first with UPS five years ago.  He told UPS that he was from Lawrenceburg, and they ended up assigning him here as few knew the area well at that time.  Jacob, on the other hand, was working as a millwright three years ago when he noticed the open position at the post office.  Although he didn’t get the position at first, he was later called in after the first candidate didn’t work out.  Now, both get to work in the same town and eat lunch together where they still get to have a bit of rivalry over who works for the best delivery service.

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