Rising Sons Winery Brings Fun to 127 Yard Sale

R & R (Rayna and Ramsey) performing.Francine SloanJoe SloanErin Shields and Brook Bowman

What an exciting weekend it has been in Lawrenceburg. With the annual 127 Yard Sale, Lawrenceburg has been filled with lots of visitors from around the country. To bring some after sale fun to many visitors, the Rising Sons Home Farm Winery hosted two amazing late afternoon events featuring, delicious food and wine along with amazing music from two of our local musicals groups, Highs & Lows and R & R.

Having heard about this event, I decided to stop by to check it out and I am so happy I did. When I arrived, I became overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the winery with its lush dark green hills overlooking the beauty of our community. It was like stepping into heaven. I was next greeted by the owners, Joe and Francine Sloan who were filled with the southern hospitality Lawrenceburg is known for. I then found myself being drawn to the smells of the grill cooking up a very delicious hamburger. To top off this awesome event, the music was over the top good.  I am so happy I decided to come, and I look forward to their next event.


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