Despite Rain, 127 Sale Still a Success

Jody NuttEd FedorchaJames & Sally Higgin, Karen WhitehouseVintage UniquesLaurie Lynch

The 127 Yard Sale is in full swing today in Lawrenceburg and vendors and shoppers from around the state and country are stopping here.  The Yard Sale, which began 28 years ago, starts in the north in Covington, Kentucky, and goes all the way south to Gadsden, Alabama and passes through our town along the way.  Originally designed to draw people off the interstates and onto the backroads of local communities, the 127 Yard Sale has been a huge success.

And here in Lawrenceburg, many from outside the town get to experience our great community.  At the Eagle Lake Convention Center, vendors and customers from all over are selling and buying unique items. Jody Nutt, from Leitchfield, KY, said this was the first time selling in Lawrenceburg.  Despite the rain yesterday, he’s been doing well and has plans to return next year.  Ed Fedorcha, a shopper from Dover, DE, stopped by to see if he could find more items to buy to go with the table and chairs he already purchased.

There were also local vendors at Eagle Lake.  The Anderson Humane Society has been manning a tent full of items that were donated to them.  Even though it was pouring rain and a flowing river formed behind their tent yesterday, they stayed open and did well.  The store, Vintage Uniques, which is just to the left side of the convention center, also put up a tent in front of their store.  Many people flocked to their store during the rain, yesterday.

There’s also many people who live off of US 127 throughout the county that have setup their own tents.  Next to Alton Baptist Church on a little side street off of main US 127 at 1271 Bypass North, Laurie Lynch has been enjoying selling items at the sale for years.  A family run event with her parents and daughters helping out, Laurie sells items from three different families.  She said she’ll be selling through the weekend from 9am to 8pm

Whether at the large groupings of tents or at individual houses along US 127, there’s lots of unique items to find and many great people from around the area to talk with.

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