County Clerk Opens Drive-thru

Jason Denny at the new drive-thru at the County Clerk Office.Jason DennyDrive Thru at the County Clerk Office.

The drive-thru is now officially open for business at the Anderson County Clerk’s Office.  This convenient method of doing business with the county clerk was set up to help the people who may find it troublesome to get out of their vehicle: the elderly, handicap or mothers who have small children.  But, it is also available to everyone here in the county.  The services offered thru the drive-thru will be vehicle registration, vehicle tax payments and issuing/renewing Disabled Placards. Unfortunately, the drive-thru is limited to these services only and will not be doing any transfers, and there may be other times when they might need to ask that you park and come in. We are all very excited for this convenient service the county clerk has provided for our community.

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