Large Propane Tank Leaks in Trailer Park

Fire Chief Bobby Hume500 Gallon Propane TankCaptain Jimmy RobinsonFire ResponseEMS Response

A 500 gallon propane tank in Corns Trailer Park off US 62 started leaking today from a vapor release port.  According to Bobby Hume, Lawrenceburg Fire Chief, the entire top of the tank was covered in ice and temperatures measured down to -44F due to the escaping gas.  A number of residents of the trailer park were suffering breathing issues due to the propane and so the park was evacuated.  The danger was also significant as propane doesn’t quickly dissipate, leaving a possibility of the tank and much of the surrounding area being engulfed in flames and an explosion.  Due to this risk, Anderson County Firefighters were called in to assist the city, according to Captain Jimmy Robinson of the Anderson County Fire Department.  No injuries were reported.

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