Early Morning Rituals for the Native Dawn

Fred Nez-Keams, Organizer and FlutistAngie Nez-KeamsRobert Mullinax, FlutistIMG_3235Fred Nez-Keams blessing the land.

As the sun came up this morning, the day began at the Native Dawn Flute Gathering on the Green. Today begins the first day of this awesome two day festival on the Green in Lawrenceburg. Sound systems are checked, tents are put up and merchandise is laid out on the tables, as everyone gets prepared for today. For Fred Nez-Keams, the organizer and flutist, his morning began with a traditional blessing of the land by smudging the area with burning sage and other herbs. This Native American tradition is held sacred because of its effective purifying energies.  Come enjoy this beautiful day and connect with the land and spirit of flute music. It is an event like none other.


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