Great Turnout at Annual Family Fun Fest

Families lining up.Families entering the schol.Robbie Hume handing out pencils.Families moving from table to table.Farmer's Bank table.Main Source Bank table.Commonwealth Credit Union table.Cameron McPherronMark Hurst and family.Walmart volunteers handing out backpacks.Beckey Johnson, Barbara Basham, Stacey Newton, three organizers of the event.

Many hundreds of families lined up along the entrance of the Anderson County Middle School for tonight’s 15th Annual Family Fun Fest. This yearly event, sponsored by the Anderson County Family Resource and Youth Service Center, provides over a 1000 Anderson County children with free backpacks stuffed with paper, pencils and folders. In addition more than 50 businesses, local and state agencies handed out other school supplies, information about their services for the families along with small giveaways. Robbie Hume, representing the Lawrenceburg Fire Department, said while handing out pencils, “The event is a great outreach for the kids and the community.” Walmart was also a large part of this event, providing the Family Resource and Youth Service Center with a generous discount on the supplies along with many of their employees volunteering their time as they give back to the community.

This awesome community outreach event began over 15 years ago when the Family Resource and Youth Service Center Directors got together to discuss how they could reach the most students and families while collaborating with the community to get information about services out to them. At the time, each school offered a small outreach event, but the reach was limited. So working together, they developed this community wide event which has gone from helping a couple hundred students to helping between 800-1000. The Family Resource and Youth Service Center is very proud to say that every student and family that has attended over the years has received a backpack and items and no one has been turned away. “This event is truly a community wide effort. Without people like Mark Willard at Wal-mart (who has been with us since day 1 helping get the most bang for our buck), and other community members volunteering their time, services and financial assistance, this wouldn’t be possible.” said Beckey Johnson, the Middle School Youth Services Center Director.

This year’s event had a very strong turnout with hundreds of students receiving free school supplies. Despite the large numbers, everything was incredibly well organized with a constant flow of students and parents moving from table to table in two gymnasiums. Sarah McPherron and son, Cameron, enjoyed being there. Sarah said that the event really helps with the budget of having to buy all the necessary school supplies.

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