National Lasagna Day with Homemade Takeout

Today is National Lasagna Day. One of the most delicious Italian dishes filled with cheese and pasta, lasagna has become one of America’s favorite pasta meals. Lasagna originated in the city of Naples, Italy, and is commonly made with ricotta and mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and various meats. Some recipes will add vegetables like spinach, zucchini, pepper and mushrooms.

To celebrate this delicious day, we stopped by Homemade Takeout. This awesome business is owned and operated by Ciara Bostow-Hyatt. Ciara grew up in San Antonio, Texas, in a large family and moved here to Lawrenceburg when she was 15. Living in Texas, she was able to enjoy authentic Mexican food, the best BBQ, and her Italian mother was always cooking the most amazing pasta dishes around. Ciara, coming from a family of 9, kept her mom very busy in the kitchen doing what she loved, making all kinds of delicious meals. Some of Ciara’s favorite memories are of the family gathered around the dinner table telling stories about their day and enjoying their mommas cooking.

Unfortunately, most people’s busy lifestyles don’t allow time for them to cook or sit at the table together and that’s what helped bring the idea of Homemade Takeout to Ciara. She cooks delicious dinners all from scratch and packages them up for you to take home and enjoy a good meal at the table with your family. No more fast food, no cooking, no messes, just homemade dinners, hot and ready for you to pickup and enjoy with your family.

Click here for some delicious food from Homemade Takeout.

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