We Bid Farewell to a Building


A sad day for many as well as a happy day for others as the Main Street Drive Thru Storage building took its final blow and came tumbling down. Many people gathered to watch this event, and we were there to capture this part of Lawrenceburg’s history. This building will be remembered as the Chevrolet dealer, the Lawrenceburg Motor Company as well as all the other businesses it housed. But as the old passes away, the new will come. Although the new will not be a building, it will be a huge asset as a parking lot for all the new businesses coming into the downtown shopping district. And although a parking lot sounds boring, it can become more than just a parking lot. This space can accommodate many Main Street events like street fairs or even a downtown farmer’s market. So we bid farewell and thank you to this old building. The memories we all have will be a part of us and its history will remain a piece of Lawrenceburg’s heritage forever.

To see some amazing photos of this event,  click here.

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