National Hot Dog Day

Today is National Hot Dog Day. Although the origin of this day is unknown, the origin of the hot dog is very well known. The hot dog began in Germany back in the 13th century and was known as the frankfurter. These sausages were a mixture of pork and beef and were served without a bun. In 1870, the hot dog came to America by a German immigrant who sold them on Coney Island.

In the US, the hot dog is known as the combination of a sausage on a bun. Many names have been created for the hot dog. Some bring back the historical name as the frankfurter or frank, but other names have also been known for these tasty sausages: weenie, wiener, coney, red hots or dog.

Here in Lawrenceburg, the hot dog is very popular and the restaurant that was voted as having the best dogs is the Fairgrounds Drive In. We asked everyone on Facebook who made the best hot dog and the votes for Fairgrounds was over the top, much like the hot dogs they serve. The Fairgrounds sells more than 600 hot dogs a week and has been doing this since the 1940s. It is truly a great restaurant to eat at with the best hot dogs, French fries and onion rings. Here is a photo of Hope Walls serving up a delicious hot dog. Thanks everyone for your votes.

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