Great Success at the Anderson County Home, Craft & Garden Fair

The Anderson County Home, Craft & Garden Fair was held today with great success for both the exhibitors and organizers.  The fair, which was originally apart of the Lawrenceburg Fair and Horse Show, was held at the Anderson County Extension building where it has been for the past 12 years.  Originally splitting from the Fair and Horse Show because of venue constraints, the Home, Craft & Garden Fair is seeing a rebound in participation with over 60 exhibitors entering numerous categories and many commercial sponsors from around the county helping this year.

Mattie Spaulding, one of the organizers of the fair and president of the Anderson County Extension Homemakers, explained that the fair is becoming more popular now after a low point some years ago.  Joan Martin, County Extension Agent for Family & Consumer Sciences, also explained that the fair doesn’t have entry fees and is open to anyone in the state.  In addition, all funds for prizes are raised by the generous sponsors of the fair.

And upon looking at all the entries, there were some fabulous exhibitions, especially on the Best of Show table.  Congratulations to all who participated and won a ribbon.  Below are the names of the winners for the Best of Show:

Bobby Gritton, Wooden Clock, Antiques Division
Dixie Willing, Ram Head Painting, Art Division
Lona Owens, Wood Saw in Clock, Craft Division
Kay Scheffler, Cat Teapot, Collections Divison
Jane Taylor, Miniature Flower Arrangement, Flower Division
Evelyn Hawkins, Dinner Rolls, Food Division
Joan Caywood, Berry Jam, Preserves Division
Jana Terrell, Collection of Vegetables with Day Lillies, Horticulture Division
Jean Ann Riley, Pink Baby Booties, Needlecraft Division
Chloe Dowler, Photo of Girl Looking Over Table, Young Photography Division
Tonya Lyens, Three Children Looking in Barn, Photography Division
Cheryl Guthrie, Batik Pierced Quilt, Quilt Division
Nancy Baker, Yellow Sunsuit, Clothing Division

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