A Monument of History

Left, the monument today. Right, the monument in 1900.

Left, the monument today. Right, the monument in 1900.

Last week a story was printed in the local newspaper about the confederate monument at the courthouse. Being a huge lover of history, I thought it would be interesting to look into the history of the statue. Through my research, I found some interesting facts about it.

Back in June 1893, a group of ex-confederates soldiers of Anderson County decided to erect this monument at the courthouse in memory of their comrades who died while fighting in the War Between the States.  A $1000 was raised to pay for the cost of the statue. Built in Italy, the statue is 17 feet high and shows a confederate soldier at rest. At the base are the names of four confederate companies which number approximately 300 soldiers.

After the completion and placement of the monument in 1894, a dedication and unveiling ceremony was planned. During the ceremony, two young girls whose grandfathers were confederate veterans, were given the responsibility to perform the unveiling, but unfortunately it never happened. During the dedication speech, a disgruntled old confederate soldier got angry because the speech was focused on Abraham Lincoln, decided to take the veiling off the statue. He was then seen walking away with the veil dragging in the dust. The two girls were left in tears after realizing they would be left out of the dedication. The uncomfortableness of the situation was lifted when the band played patriotic music as the soldier walked away.

Source: The History of Anderson County by McKee & Bond

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  1. need to leave it were it is it is a part of the American history. You can’t change the past learn to live with it. allot of good people died for it, black and white,

  2. You’re right, it is a part of our history but history has a way of being remembered in a lot of different ways depending on who you ask. Abraham Lincoln being a perfect example. Just keep that in mind.

  3. Thanks for the brief humorous history. Sounds just like a true soldier! I agree we should not try to hide history. I will never forget some years ago qhen someone painted the old gent half black. Didn’t stay that wa5 long, but sure got folks attention.

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