Main Street Buzzing with Activity

Painting Chilton Tax Service BuildingFinished Painting at the Trail Suites BuildingBluegrass Sabor Opening SoonBourbon Barrel BoutiqueDemolition at Main Street StorageDemolition at Main Street Storage

Main Street and the surrounding area is buzzing with lots of activity.  Painting has started on the Chilton Tax Service building, along the side facing Jackson St.  Trail Suites has finished painting their building and Bluegrass Sabor, which is taking the main floor of the building, is getting closer and closer to opening.  Bourbon Barrel Boutique, which rents the other suite in the building has also put up a sign.  And finally, demolition continues at the old Main Street Drive Thru Storage building which will be become a parking lot for all the new stores opening up.  The downtown area is looking nicer everyday.

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