Beauty of Lawrenceburg and the Kentucky River From Above

Standing on the Young’s High Railroad Bridge while talking with the Vertigo Bungee Jumpers this weekend, the sheer beauty of the Kentucky River basin here in Lawrenceburg struck me deeply.  Looking out in any direction, you just can’t help but stand in awe of the natural beauty dotted with architecturally interesting man made structures.  To the north and west is the Jo Blackburn Bridge that spans the Kentucky River for automobile traffic.  It’s one of the more different bridges in the state as it’s a double curve bridge forming what looks like an ‘S.’  Out towards the Anderson County side, the distillery and bourbon housing buildings of Wild Turkey peer above the hill gracing the horizon.  Looking southward, the Hanson Quarry provides a striking contrast to the heavily forested banks of the river.  And finally, on the Woodford County side, the end of the Bluegrass Railroad Museum’s tracks and the Tyrone Power Station complete the picture.  It is truly a marvel to have seen this view, hundreds of feet above the Kentucky River.  I look forward to the plans Vertigo Bungee has for the bridge by opening it up to the public so everyone can see just how beautiful our county and state really is.

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