Returning to Parking

The livery is the white building behind the tree.It became a Chevy dealer.

Something was stirring at the old Main Street Drive Thru Storage building yesterday morning, which is the location where the City of Lawrenceburg wants to demolish and put in a parking lot.  There were a number of city vehicles and construction trucks on the property.  Entering at our own risk, Paul Blanton from Combs Construction & Trucking indicated the building has indeed been purchased by the city and was starting the first stages of demolition.  He allowed us to take a few photos and walk through the building before the heavy demolition.

Upon entering, the building’s sad state of repair was overwhelming.  What was once a car dealership back in the 1940’s was now just mostly a shell divided up into little rooms meant for storage.  Partly gutted rooms, painted over windows, and trash piles in the corners shows that the building has lost much of its value, both historically and currently.

With the city now progressing forward with its plan, the property may very well be more valuable to the downtown area as a parking lot for the growing number of new businesses opening these last few months.  Even as a parking lot, the property will still be following its own heritage.  Before the car dealership, it was a livery, which are large barns meant to house carriages and horses for residents and visitors of the city.  No longer housing horses and buggies, it will still serve a similar purpose, and with this rebirth, it will hopefully bring more business to our community.

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