Productive Lawrenceburg Council Meeting

Tonight was the monthly Lawrenceburg City Council meeting.  The meeting was considerably productive covering a number of topics.  After the formalities and acceptance of the treasurer’s report, it started with Councilman Durr bringing up an issue with returned checks for the water department.  The city currently doesn’t have authority to assess a fee for returned checks.  Mayor Goodlett agreed this was an issue and slated further discussion about it for a later meeting.  Discussions then continued to the departmental reports which covered storm preparedness especially for the severe storms that were experienced earlier in the day.  The Mayor moved the meeting forward to talk about the maintenance building fire that happened earlier in the year.  The Mayor said that construction on the new building is nearing completion, and they recently settled with the insurance company for the fire for $1.2 million.  Discussions then turned to the Alton Sewer Project which is now in its fourth and final stage.  Mayor Goodlett continued with appointing Shannon Redden of Nanric Inc for the Economic Development Authority that will take Barry Drury’s place.  For the other EDA appointment, Councilman Geoghegan discussed an issue with Ricky Hawkins’ appointment involving him not living within the city limits.  The meeting then turned to new resolutions.  City Clerk Robbie Hume was nominated to be an agent for the city for the Emergency Management Agency.  The other resolution consisted of allowing the city to sell off surplus property including a number of old police cruisers with mechanical problems and a number of vehicles that were burned by the maintenance building fire.  Both resolutions were passed.  Mayor Goodlett then continued with approving Bluegrass ADD.  Councilman Geoghegan brought up a problem that the Joint Planning Commission doesn’t follow the advice of the Bluegrass ADD.  Geoghegan voted against it.  The last business of the meeting included acceptance of a bid paving streets.  Finally, Eric Silverman of the Pampered Feet talked to the council about possibly adding crosswalks at the intersection of Jackson and Main Streets.

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