A Tribute to a Man Called Frog

imageA man, known to most as Frog, made an everlasting mark on our community. Billy Keith “Frog” Scrogham was born in Seymour, Indiana 52 years ago but made Lawrenceburg his home. Driving through town on his lawn tractor, many seen Frog as not only a bit unusual by his choice of transportation but by his loving spirit. He lived a simple life but always made time to say hello and help people around him. At times, you would see him cutting the grass over at Corn’s Trailer Park and at other times you would see him at Tonya’s Buffet spending time with friends and neighbors. β€œHe would do anything for anybody,” Tonya said as she then thought about what she would miss most about not having him around anymore. β€œHe was a little fellow, but with a big heart,” Tonya said. She later mentioned that Frog enjoyed just making things better, even if it was just replacing a light bulb.

As the news of his accident started to travel through the community, hundreds of people came together to pray for a man they only knew from a heartfelt wave he shared with them. Others who did not even know Frog began to pray for him and his family. Unfortunately, our deep loss in our community has become heaven’s gain. He is now amongst the Angels, as for he himself was an angel to so many here in Lawrenceburg. Dear Frog, you will be forever missed.


Reba Fawn shared this news about Frog….

“Frog was an organ donor. Both of his kidneys went to 2 different people here in KY. His heart was donated, we aren’t sure where it went, and his liver went to Texas. I believe that Frog would be happy to know, than even after his passing he helped and saved 4 more lives!”

Frog was an amazing loving and giving man, even after he passed.



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  1. I’ve know frog for many years in waddy ky I knew him since I was a kid and the sound he made with the sound of a frog.. I can still hear him doing that frog will be sadly missed.. Frong knew my mom when she worked at the old waddy truck stop which now is lovs and McDonald’s and subway.. Now he can join momma and they can catch up lost times.. REST IN PEACE FROG..love Jodi samples

  2. I really didn’t know Frog, I had just met him. Just by saying hi to him I knew that he was heaven sent.. And of course he just smiled.. R.I.P Frog.. Prayers to the family.

  3. I had the chance to meet Frog one time in my life. Definitely a first impression I won’t forget. I bought a riding mower from him and didn’t have a way to get it home. Frog said “tell me where ya live and I’ll get it there” so I told him that I lived on Bell st. He asked that I follow him to the gas station cause it was dark and there were no sidewalks from the trailer park to the gas station on bluebird. So after a slow escort to the gas station he said “you go on an go I’ll be there shortly” he filled the mower up with gas and drove it from the trailer park to Bell st at around 8pm in early October. When he got to my house I couldn’t believe this man delivered a mower that far. Made me feel good though because I knew the mower could run for a long time. Then we had a pretty good conversation when I took him home.

  4. I’ve known frog all my life, and I can say he was a great guy. He’s done some crazy stuff, but yet we all have. I remember he had an old datson truck that he had held together with a 2×4. Lol yes!!! A piece of wood. I would get behind him on Bardstown trail and see him and that little going down the road (which appeared sideways) lol. Good times. Rest easy my friend.

  5. Frog (Keith as I called him at Walmart ) I worked with him for.about 3 years and he was always polite and would do anything you asked him to do. Rest in Peace my friend and I will keep the family in my prayers

  6. I also worked at waddy truck stop with Frog and Patsy Samples. We had a lot of good times there. Frog had a bad habit of coming up behind us and scaring us, he loved to do that, and sometimes he would bring in a baby raccoon he had found. You never knew what he was going to say or do next, he kept us all laughing, but if you needed help with something he was right there to help you. Hopefully Frog and Patsy are catching up on old times together. He will be missed. R.I.P. my friend.

  7. I first met him playing Rook in the basement of Mountjoy’s Grocery across from the golf course. Whenever I saw him out somewhere he would always wave or stop and talk for a few minutes. I remember talking to him once that he had mounted a high back chair on his riding mower to be more comfortable since he was on n it so much.

  8. I first met Frog at the 76 truck stop in Waddy, he was a sweet person always trying to make someone laugh with the different sounds he could make such as sounding just like a real frog or sierens from a emergency vehicle. Then the time he was with my sister he always treated her good . Frog I think was just a good man always trying to satisfy somebody….. Good bless you Frog rest in peace !!!!

  9. I have know frog since my dad Worked in waddy wit him and years later we moved to the trailor park were we seen him every day he always had a wave and a smile for every body he was a sweet caring man that helped were ever he could i had just seen him about a hour befor the accident he waved and smiled asked how i was doing ill cherish that last conversation frog u will be missef

  10. Frog was a great guy. He did what he said he would do, no matter what. If you needed help, he was there. I saw him every day and talked with him most of those days. I am glad to say he was not only my friend but a good friend of my family. My children, wife, and I will miss him dearly. REST EASY FROG. Till we meet again!

  11. My Mom worked at Waddy truck stop like 11-12yrs ago which is where I met Frog. We use to sit round n drank coffee. Him and my mom started dating back then. They were off and on for the past 10-11yrs and even if they were split up, he was always there for her. I couldn’t begin to explain how much he done for her. He’s been around so long, I still can’t get it to sink in that he’s gone.
    My little girl thought alot of him (she’s 4) She called him Ribbit.he always picked and her and made silly animal noises. He even gave her a ride in the little wagon he had for his lawn mower. And it was just several weeks who she got over being scared and finally road on the mower with him.
    He was always there for me too. Fixed my water after I was out almost 3 months, he fixed my car several times when I had no one else at all to help me.
    He meant so much to my Momma,
    and he loved her very much. She was actually getting ready to move in with him again. If he could help it she never done without anything. My Momma will be lost for a long time without her other half. Frog was her rock.
    Ribbit, Cheyanna says she misses you.
    You will forever be missed and never forgotten. RIP Frog

  12. FROG…. So many memories of him.. I worked at the old waddy truck stop for 8 years and Frog seemed to be a fixture there… Would walk in to start my shift and someone would sneak up behind me and say Good morning Charlotte in that unique Frog sound… My maiden name was Scrogham but I never knew if we were related in any way…. lots and lots of memories of this guy named “FROG”…. Rest easy Frog and enjoy Heaven.

  13. I still miss you so much my love rest in peace and thanks for everything you ever done for me you will always live in my heart

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