Vertigo Bungee in Lawrenceburg

During this weekend, we got to interview and watch the bungee jumpers off the Young’s High Railroad bridge that crosses the Kentucky River near Tyrone.  We talked with Mitch Morris of Vertigo Bungee about how they acquired the bridge and fixed it up so they could legally and safely bungee jump off the side of the bridge.  We also found out how someone can sign up to jump and their future plans, which include allowing the general public to walk across the bridge for sightseeing and a zip line across the river.  Even though we didn’t jump, the experience was incredibly fun, and it drew large crowds from both the local area and from around the country.  This will truly be a great tourist attraction for the years to come.

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  1. I love the video!! Very informative! Great interview! I am not brave enough to do that but it was fun to watch!

  2. I have lived in Lburg most of my life. Last fall i took the plunge. 3 jumps, 2 of witch i got dipped in the river. Vertigo is very professional, never was i scared for my life. The experience was amazing. Great addition to my.home town. Thanks Vertigo and as Arnold would say “I’ll be back “

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