Spirit of Broadway Comes to Lawrenceburg


We were invited for an exclusive backstage tour and viewing of a full dress rehearsal of the upcoming performance of Snow White at the Anderson County Community Theatre.  When we walked into the theatre, we were presented with a fun and slightly chaotic scene as all the actors and actresses prepared for the coming rehearsal. Amidst the preparation, we got to talk with Desiree Douglas, an organizer of the play and a cast member playing the Mirror, about all the hard work that went into designing it.

Desiree explained that this performance had the most amount of time and effort put into it compared to every other play the theatre performed in the past.  Almost 15 hours of loving effort from both her and Catherine Partlow, director and writer of the play, went into building the very elaborate set.  Standing on the stage behind the set, we got to see just how amazing the construction of it really is.  Enchanted trees built out of layers of cardboard and spray foam, large moving and sliding walls, and various small touches really bring out the feel of the story.

Desiree then brought us back to the dressing rooms to meet Catherine and some of the other cast members.  Catherine was working hard on applying the detailed make-up on to the cast members.  We also got to meet Kinley Drake who plays Snow White.  Kinley and Desiree showed us some of the extensive work that went into the wardrobe.  They explained a number of the cast members go out wearing three sets of clothes so they only have to remove the top layer to change outfits between scenes.

We then headed back out to the stage and theatre to watch the rehearsal.  Although sharing a similar name to the Disney classic, Catherine wrote the play to more reflect the original Grimm Brothers version which was written well over 100 years before Disney’s release.  With some further changes, the play is refreshingly far from what we all remember from the Disney fairytale.

Starting off darker and more enchanting, the play has many of the same story lines we would expect but is portrayed much more strongly.  The mix of characters, set elements, lighting, and smoke give a spectacular feel that no TV or movie version could replicate.  The performance was incredibly impressive even if it was only a rehearsal.  It is definitely something that shouldn’t be missed.

Snow White will be opening at the Anderson County High School Theatre this Friday at 7pm.  It continues through the weekend with another performance on Saturday at the same time and a matinee on Sunday at 2pm.  It will also run for another weekend starting Friday, July 17th, at the same times.  Tickets are $10 for adults with a discount rate of $7 a ticket for groups of eight or more.  Children under 5 can attend for free.  Call 502-600-0614 for more information and advanced tickets.


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