Snakes Directing Traffic

IMG_1410On Tuesday, June 30th, Lawrenceburg Police Officers Clay Crouch and Jason Peyton responded to a routine traffic accident at the intersection of KY 44 and US 127 Bypass that was possibly caused by a slithering problem in the traffic light control box.  As the officers were helping with the accident, they noticed the traffic lights flickering on and off.  They then checked the control box and found multiple large black rat snakes inside.  As the snakes moved around the box, they hit the on/off switch causing the traffic lights to flicker.  The officers used tobacco sticks to remove the snakes and realized some of them were at least 6ft long.

Two days later, Lawrenceburg Police Officers again were sent to the intersection due to more reports of flickering traffic lights.  They found more snakes inside the control box.  This time they used pepper spray in order to encourage the snakes to not go back inside the box.  No injuries were reported during each incident. Picture taken by Officer Jason Peyton.

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