Shopping for the 4th at Kroger

Fourth of July celebrations are just a day away, and we decided to visit our local Kroger to see what’s cooking.  Barbeque items were on the top of everybody’s list, and the hardworking Kroger employees were right there ready to lend a hand.  Manning the barbeque tent at the front of the store, Jack kept the grill stoked with mouth watering ribs.  Inside, Jeff and the team of baggers and cashiers helped everyone quickly checkout.  The deli crew, although a bit camera shy, kept everyone’s favorite meats and salads stocked, ready for customers.  And finally, pharmacy manager Bobby and his team gladly helped everyone with their medications.

In addition to the great employees, the Kroger also has some great sales on steaks, meat, beer and soda.  So head on down there before the last minute crowds.  Also, don’t forget, the Kroger pharmacy will be open only from 9-3 tomorrow.

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