Take Your Dog To Work In Lawrenceburg

dogsatworkTomorrow is “Take a your Dog to Work Day.” Started on June 24, 1999, by Pet Sitters International, this day has become a celebration of dogs as man’s companion and also to help encourage adoptions from humane societies and shelters. An estimated 300 U.S. companies participate in this celebration each year.

Here in Lawrenceburg, we have some very special people that work with dogs everyday. Their goal is to help find homes for the orphaned pets of Anderson County. Donna Callahan, on the left holding Maizey, is the leader of the adoption center. Her days are filled with lots to do for these pets in their day to day care and also in finding them happy homes. Her work can be hard at times, but she does it each day because her heart is so large and filled with so much love for the animals. Donna also has lots of volunteers that come each day to help lighten the huge load that rests upon her shoulders. On the right is Megan Smith holding Mitzy. She, like so many others, help out each day because they love the animals very much.

A big thank you goes to Donna and all the helpers that work each day and sometimes through the night caring for the animals many of us now call our family. Without their selfless hearts, our furry family members would have never made their way to our homes and hearts.

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