A Tribute to a Dear Friend

ericchrismanEric Chrisman was my friend and an unforgettable man with a servant’s heart. Not only did he always have a smile on his face, he also knew how to bring a smile to those around him. He was outgoing and friendly to everyone, and he had a great sense of humor. You could tell that he loved his job as a state trooper. I’ve never seen anyone so devoted to their job. He was always courteous and always treated everyone with respect. He carried his Bible with him in his car as a testament to his faith. The way he lived his life to the fullest was an example to all of us not to waste our life. He was a great role model because he would do anything to help someone else even if it inconvenienced him. Although his service on this earth was cut short, he had a lasting impact on countless individuals.

By Michael Hamrick

You’re invited to participate in an event called “Lights On For Trooper Eric k. Chrisman.” On July 5th you can honor Eric Chrisman’s life by shining a blue light on your home.

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