Back in the Day – Lawrenceburg Fair and Horse Show

backinthedayfairBefore 1872, Lawrenceburg Fair and Horse Show was known as the Anderson, Franklin and Salvisa Agricultural and Mechanical Association, and for many years it was held on a rented piece of land about a mile south of Salvisa. The fair was originally set up as a county fair. Along with the horses and the pageants, people exhibited live stock, pure bred poultry, produce from the garden in competitions for ribbons and awards. Later the fair was renamed to the Lawrenceburg Fair Association, and in 1874, an amphitheater was built. The fair soon became extremely popular, hosting record breaking crowds. It was considered one of the biggest events in the county.

Over the course of time, the building and grounds became old and the association decided to buy 33 acres of land, known as McKee Woodlands, near Carlton Lane. In 1911, a more modern building was built. But unfortunately, the fair began to lose interest, and in 1933, it was put up for auction and was purchased by the American Legion. In August of 1934, the fair opened again and was one of the most successful fairs ever.

As years went by, the fair eventually moved to the location it is currently. It has withstood the test of time and even survived a fire that destroyed the grandstand back in 1961. Today, the fair has changed. The live stock, produce, canning, and baking competitions was removed from the fair due to the lack of interest, but what has remained has kept this event a popular destination for the community. Horses and pageants are the main focus along with carnival rides and food. A great night of family fun that has entertained Lawrenceburg for a 143 years.

Photos: Images of America, Lawrenceburg, Hawkins Collection

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