Opening Day at the Fair


A warm summer night is the perfect kick off to the Lawrenceburg Fair and Horse Show. Walking through the gates brings back memories of fairs I went to as a child. The smell of all the foods that always seem to taste better at the fair, the games and prizes just waiting to be won, and the sounds of the rides and laughter of the children, truly are memories that will never be forgotten.

Unfortunately, I did not grow up here in Lawrenceburg so my memories stop at the fair, but here there is much more to experience. Tonight was the Miss Lawrenceburg and Miss Teen Lawrenceburg Pageants. All of these beautiful contestants get to dress up in their most beautiful clothes and compete for the crown. What an experience this must be for each of them. Truly, memories of a life time are being made here tonight.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow night, when the horse show begins and the baby pageant. What an great week ahead here at the Fair and Horse Show.

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